Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prayer Jars


Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to post an idea for a homemade gift.  PRAYER JARS!  They are so simple to make and adorable.  I have made them for friends, family, and people in my church.  Everyone always seems to love them!  I have one that I made myself along time ago and I still use it even today.  They are simple, sweet, and thoughtful.  You can make them a "girl" gift or a "boy" gift.  You simply, purchase a mason jar, scrap book paper, ribbon, and stickers.  That's it.  Super simple.  For the girls, I put heart and flower stickers on the outside of the mason jars and filled them with pink, blue, and yellow scrap book paper folded in half.  For the boys, I did not put much decoration on the outside.  I asked my boyfriend to choose out a "boy" sticker because he seemed to think my idea of using tractor stickers was lame, but he thought that none of the stickers looked manly enough so we just kept them plain.  I did a black ribbon around the tops of the mason jars and filled them up with colorful "boy" colors.  This way they were not super boring and ugly.  Here is a photo of the jars that my boyfriend and I made for our church community.  The point of these prayer jars is to write down your prayers on the little pieces of paper that are provided inside and you place it back inside of the jar.  In a few months, years, decades, or whenever, you can look back and see what you had been praying about and how God worked through your prayers.  WALAH!  You have a fabulous and easy present to show how thankful you are for the loved ones in your life!  I posted a video on my youtube channel as well on how to make these cute little jars, so if you are confused than check it out.  Happy hump day!



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