Sunday, October 26, 2014

Life of a College Dancer

Today I arrived back home around 3pm.  I am a North Texas Dancer at UNT and our team traveled down to Houston for the UNT vs. RICE game.  The bus was leaving at 3 am on Saturday morning...and I was not about that I convinced my mom to take me down a day early so I could leave at a decent hour and spend some quality time with my cousins and aunt that live down in Houston.  Friday morning I ditched all of my classes...YOU CAN DO THAT IN's awesome!  I drove home and my mom and I ate gluten free mac and cheese and than drove to Houston.  It was a fun five hour ride because my mom and I chatted about life the entire time.  When we got to Houston we ate dinner and hung out with my three little cousins, Eva, Ellie, and Mila.  They are beyond precious!!  My Aunt Dee came down also with her two year old son, Mason, who is such a little toot!  He was running around giving everyone eskimo kisses and it totally melted my heart.  I stayed up pretty late telling my cousins stories because they start chanting right as I walked through the door, "Tell us funny stories!! Tell us funny stories!!"  They chant this every time I see them because apparently they think I have some funny stories to share.  Saturday morning the game started at 11 am but we had to be there at 9 am.  The bus the other girls took broke down twice and wasn't very comfortable so I heard.  I showed up to the game well rested and energetic, and they hadn't gotten any sleep.  I wish we could have all came down early and got a hotel! That would have been fun and it's what the football players do so why shouldn't we? Sadly, we were not able to dance on the sidelines or at half time during the game.  Away games are strict and never give us a place to break it down on the field! LOL!  So we sat in the stands and cheered on our team.  It was quite heartbreaking to be in the stands honestly.  I never quite realized how much I love to be down there on the field dancing and cheering.  It made me appreciate my opportunity to be on this team and dance for UNT even more than usual.  I felt very blessed to say the least.  UNT lost the game to Rice which was a huge disappointment.  Although,  I am still a hardcore mean green fan and always will be!  After the game, I got dressed up and went to my cousins chili fundraiser for her small Christian school.  It was hilarious because I was a celebrity among the 5th graders because of a video I had done last year for LifeChurchTV that the teacher showed to the class last week.  The series is called "Erased" and my cousin said she saw me and jumped out of her desk and shouted, "Thats my cousin!! That's my cousin!" Here is the link to the episode that focuses on me if you are interested in watching!  It is such a cute school and I really enjoyed the fundraiser but my grandma, mom and I decided to ditch and make an early get away so that we could get massages...hehehe!  We enjoyed some fabu massages that were much needed.  After a fabulous Saturday, we headed home today and now I am enjoying a lazy Sunday with my family.  Who is ready for another crazy week?  I am!  Have a fabu sunday!


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