Sunday, October 26, 2014

College=stress and Stress=acne and Acne=more stress

I was sitting in class two weeks ago listening to my teacher blabber on and on about the exams coming up and how they were worth 50 percent of our final grade since we do not have homework and my stress level went from one to ten in about twenty seconds.  As the day went on and I stressed about my homework, maintaining the friends I had made, the new dance we had learned in practice, etc, a huge knot began to form on my forehead.  It hurt like crazy.  I quickly called my mom and told her that I had a tumor.  "Mom!  I need you to take me to the hospital ASAP!! I have a tumor in my forehead!!"  I screeched while I paced back and forth in my dorm room.  She laughed and told me it was just a stress pimple.  I did not quite buy it but I wasn't about to drive myself to the hospital because how embarrassing would that be if they told me I just had a pimple instead of a tumor.....awkward.  The tumor/pimple finally went away after about a week and I was stoked.  Except, shortly after another one began to form on my chin.  A huge painful pimple, and this time I knew it was a...dun dun dun...stress pimple.  I knew that I could not let this be a reacurring thing because I need to keep my skin as perfect as possible for the dance team.  I quickly hopped into action to find out how to keep my stress level low and my skin clear.  I have tried many products growing up and this one is by far my favorite!  After using this my skin has cleared up and I have noticed a huge difference!  But do not make the mistake of only relying on a product to keep your skin clean.  Eating healthy is also very important when pursuing healthy and fresh looking skin.  In college, there are tempting foods everywhere but make sure that you are still eating your fruits and veggies.  I don't want to sound like a mom, but it is important and even though your mom is not here to force you to get your veggies down...I suggest you do for your skins sake.  Healthy fats like almonds, almond butter, and pb are great for your hair and skin just for a little inside tip ;)  Some ways that I lower my stress level are by writing down the negative things in my life/ things stressing me out on a sheet of paper and throw it in the trash.  It's a good way to motivate you to completely distance yourself from anyone or anything negative in your life.  Also, GET A CALENDAR!  I have my daily planner and I have no idea what I would do without it.  It is my life saver.  It makes the day less stressful if you have it all written down and right in front of you.  Lastly, my final tip for lowering your stress is to take some time and spend it with God.  Journal your thoughts and prayers and spend some time healing in His presence.  I hope that this helped you in some way!  Here is a link to the face wash if you are interested!  It is $23 which isn't bad for how big the container is and how long it lasts. :-)

Grace Victoria

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