Monday, October 27, 2014

FLASH tats!


I'm assuming many of you are not in the best mood since it's another dreadful Monday.  The first day of the week after a nice and WAY too short weekend.  I'm positive many of you are already counting down the days until Friday.  We all live for the weekend. Am I right? I was contemplating what to write about and I decided what better way to start out a Monday with something a little cheerful!  FLASH TATS!!  You may have heard of them and if you haven't than you will soon.  These tattoos are so in right now! With celebrities like Beyonce wearing these trendy little tats, who could deny that they are not trending?  When I went down to Houston this weekend, my Aunt was raving about flash tattoos.  She had ordered a million sheets of them for her and her kids to play with.  I noticed that her 4,7, and 10 year old daughters were wearing them and I was insanely jealous of these young fashinistas!  My cousins demanded that I put some flash tattoos on myself and I was quick to accept the offer.  They were quite simple to put on to my surprise.  All you do is place the tattoo on your skin and hold a wet towel over it for a few seconds and BOOM you have a flash tat!!  I went a little tattoo crazy and gave myself more than I probably should have.  I couldn't help myself...they are just so fabu.  I gave myself a Hawaiian flower on my back along with a gold feather (the feathers are my fav) and I also gave myself two flower bracelets (which are un pictured).   You have to admit that these are too cute.  They are not sold in many stores however, so the best place to purchase these cute little tats is online.  Here is a link to the website for those interested.
To brighten up your Monday, go order yourself some flash tattoos!  Treat yourself!



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