Friday, June 12, 2015

Commercial FUN!

Hello beautiful people!

As some of you know I am pursuing an acting career and am represented by an agency here in Dallas.  Core Talent is my Dallas agency and Dynamic Talent is my San Antonio Agency.  Dallas is a big commercial spot so recently that is what I have been doing the most.  Commercials are fun and a quick way to make some money.  Film is my ultimate goal though, as it is my passion.  So far, I have done a United Commercial, Six flags, Taco Cabana, Ford, and American Heart Associations.  I am hoping to get to LA soon because that is where most of the films and pilots are cast.  I wanted to share a few photos from the commercials!

The first pic is from the American Heart associations commercial....although I would never trust myself as a doctor and neither would anyone else LOL!  I also played a sick patient who had just had knee surgery.  Fun times!  The second pic is the dress I wore in the United Commercial.  The third pic is the hair they used to go along with the dress....I know you are thinking...WHAT EWWW!  UGLLYYY!!  I thinking the same thing.  It was 80s themed so that explains the lack of hair style.  I attempted to rock the hairstyle that my mom "rocked" back in her day....but I failed. I want to do a comparison photo of my mom's hair back in the day and mine.  Now that would be a good picture for the scrap book! :-) It was still a super exciting shoot though! We shot from 4 am-9am, it was an early shoot but I kept my energy up by drinking more than enough caffeine.  When people ask how I always have so much energy I thank healthy eating and CAFFEINE!!!  If you want to get into commercial work, take some acting classes, get some head shots, and submit to agencies.  That is all you do.....People always ask me but when I tell them how they never do it.  You have to put forth some effort, I know its terrible right? Just kidding, I would much rather do commercials than work at Wal Mart :-)  My next post will be about the films I have done!  Can't wait for you all to see them!

Be a flower!!



Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Commercial Audition in Austin

Hello lovely people!  

Today I want to talk about how crazy pursuing acting can be sometimes.  I have been completely and utterly obsessed with acting since I was twelve.  My parents have sacrificed time, money, and lots of time in the car to help me pursue this wild dream.  Even now that I can drive they still come with me to the out of town auditions and shoots.  This year my mom went to Alabama with me for two weeks to shoot a Wonderwomen TV pilot presentation.  I played was awesome!  I am nineteen so I could have gone alone but my parents always want to make sure I am safe.  I also tend to get lost very easily.....and I am a terrible driver so I can understand the concern.  So, the other day I got an email saying I needed to be in austin the very next day for an audition for a bank commercial.  I called my mom and told her I was going to be heading to Austin the next day by myself and of course my parents said no.  "I would get lost" or "Get a flat tire"....I agreed I probably would LOL!  So my mom decided to drop everything and drive me to austin for an audition that I might not even book.  We met early that morning and I surprised her with all of her favorite things, Coke, candy, and flowers! 
It's important to show your appreciation to the people who do the most for you.  I know this is not near enough to repay her for her six hour unplanned road trip but I hope that one day I will be able to repay her for everything she has done for me.  She is QUEEN! Love you mom! 
This is the outfit I wore for the audition.  Do I look like a normal teenage girl who is getting a new pink car?  Well I hope so because I want to book this commercial! If I don't book it, there will be many more.  I'm not giving up anytime soon, or ever, so if I keep coming back they will have to cast me eventually.  It's all about persistence my friends.  Never. Give. Up.



A day with my grandma

Hola!  I have not blogged in forever because I have been insanely busy finishing my first year of college, pursuing an acting career, and all of my dance team activities.  It's totally cray but I enjoy it all!  Anyways, the point of this post is to brag on my grandma.  I am not very close with my dad's mom, but I am best friends with my mom's mom.  Grandparents are people we always promise ourselves we will spend time with "when we have time" or "in the future" but I think most of us forget that they will not be around our entire lives.  Some people don't have any grandparents alive but I feel extremely fortunate to have three grandparents alive at the moment.  I call my mom's mom "Nan".  I am the first grandchild and when they tried to get me to say "grandma" I only said "nan" so that stuck around nineteen years.  My nan only lives an hour away from me and I try and go visit as often as possible but things always come up or I am traveling, in school, filming, the list goes on.  This past weekend I put "Visit Grandma" in my calendar and made it my first priority to go and see her and my papa.  I drove to Arlington after church and they took my to my favorite restaurant, Jason's Deli, I know basic right... You are probably thinking "Why would that be your favorite restaurant?" It's more of a deli, but don't hate on it.  I get the same thing every time, a side of grilled chicken and a side of steamed veggies.  I also make my way to the salad bar and take some sliced apples and pickles.  I think that it probably frowned upon but no ones says anything so I'm gonna assume it's fine.  I chatted with them for about an hour and after we wrapped up lunch, my grandma asked me if I need new shoes.  "Well, I mean....I love shoes...but whatever you want to do is totally fine with me" So she drove me to DSW and we began shoe shopping!  MY FAV! If I held my glance at a pair of shoes for more than 3 seconds she would say "Do you want that pair? Get it!" I ended up getting three new pairs of shoes (Two wedges, and a pair of bright pink nike running shoes).  When we were passing the jewelry section she asked if I needed new jewelry....I didn't say no....I'm a sucker for shiny objects.  So she bought me around 7 pairs of earrings and some necklaces.  
So as you can see we left the store happy!  She got seven pairs of the same black flats lol!  We went back to her house after the shopping adventure and watched a few lifetime movies.  If you do not watch lifetime movies, please start watching them ASAP.  They are a classic way to bond with your mom or grandma.   I spent the night with her and we stayed up until midnight chatting away about life, God, and family.  She is honestly the wisest women I know.  I hope that I can become half the women that she is in my lifetime.  Anyways, my point in this post is to inspire you to spend time with your grandparents and treasure your time with them.  Here is a picture of some of my "casual wear" wedges my sweet grandma got me.  I think these will be my new "Go to" shoes.  I'm obsessed with casual wedges because they complete any outfit.  Now go and schedule a lunch date with your grandparents :-)